Palak Mehta Kadakia


I first attended Yoga classes with Vaibhav in 2017. His kind nature, and desire to help students had me wanting to attend each class to learn more and more.
Vaibhav is very supportive and always encourages his students do their best. He truly believes in them, and I think it’s what makes his classes very meaningful.
When I was no longer able to attend Vaibhav’s Classes in person, I was very happy that he was able to offer virtual classes. At first, I thought it may not be the same, but infact I was wrong. Vaibhav is always available to answer questions and have conversations with his students.
Overall, his classes have changed my life and left me more thirsty for knowledge of learning and practicing meditation. If there is anyone who is considering to learn and practice meditation, I believe find a good teacher is the biggest thing. Without a doubt, Vaibhav is the best meditation teacher I have ever had. I would highly encourage to try his classes.