The Aikyam Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2020. The foundation was found by spiritual teacher and life coach, Vaibhav Parashar after his life changing incident. After going serious health issues and coming out if it stronger than ever, the determination to help others to find inner peace and unity within oneself and the society became the key motive.

Through Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, The Aikyam Foundation believes with the proper guidance and wisdom, anyone can experience higher state of consciousness and  will be able to achieve success in life. The Foundation, more than an organization, is a motivation for each individual to become their own greater self.


Aikyam means oneness, unity, unanimity, sameness or identical. The Aikyam foundation is dedicated to educate and nurture every human being on the planet to understand their uniqueness, discover their true potential and experience their connection with the supreme being with the help of yoga, meditation and spiritual path.

The Aikyam Foundation is a volunteer base organisation founded to promote self-love, unity and harmony by enhancing individual experiences to bring oneness in the world. Yoga and Ayurveda rely on the central principles of balance. Our programs which rely on these ancient sciences are designed to enable each individual to attain and experience a higher degree of consciousness and a feeling of peace, balance and oneness with the loving world.

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Vaibhav Parashar

Growing up in a yogic and spiritual family, I was always inclined towards realising the highest potential of mind and humanity. Spirituality always attracted me and since childhood, I wanted to fullfill my potential to be the best version for myself and the world.
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