Yoga For Youth

Aikyam Yoga For Youth is a program that focuses on bringing disciplines that help to develop attention and concentration and stimulate the creative abilities that are latent within the child. The Practice of yoga not only help to keep the young body strong and supple but also brings mental sharpness helping them experience accurate relationship with their environment, making them capable of dealing with the real world with calmness and positivity.

Benefits Of Yoga In Youth

  • Transform Mental energy Into Creative Action

  • Perfect Attention And Focused Mind

  • Flexible and strong body

  • Yoga A Preventive Medicine

  • Learn To Resolve Personal Conflicts

  • Creating Right Balance Between Introversion And Extroversion

  • Emotional Balance

  • Spiritual Awareness

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You can Buy Drop-In Classes

DropIn Class: CAD 22$/PerDay

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Benifits Of Uday Kriya

  • Vital energy is well preserved.

  • Helps to Build a Healthy, Consistent Routine

  • Boosts metabolism and Balance Your Hormones

  • prevents injury and achiness throughout the day

  • Prepare for deeper state of meditation

  • Removes the body of toxins stored in the tissues

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