Dharna - Kaya Sthairyam

Kaya Sthairayam is one of the most important dharana practice. It is a practice of concentration on the steadiness of the body. In Sanskrit the word Kaya means ‘body’ and Sthairyam means steadiness. Because of the interrelation between the body and mind when the body becomes steady and still the mind becomes steady and still. Only when the body is steady and immobile should the actual Dharna/Meditation practice begin.

It is also important to know that mind remain one pointed only when the body is still. As soon as the part of the body move, the mind also moves. Thus thee concentration is broken and once its broken it can not be attained in the same sitting.

One should be able to sit without moving any part of the body for at least half an hour, then only you will be able to experience complete benefit of the Dharna/meditation.

If Dharna/Meditation is attempted with an unsteady body and fluctuating mind, no benefit will result from the practice even if you practice it for a hundred of years. The only results will be tension, frustration and a broken mind.

Master Kaya Sthairyam then you will be able to proceed with dharna/meditation without any obstacles.

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