One with The Self – Wellness Retreat

Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Re-energizing and Re-empowering

Learn the art of disconnecting from the chaos while living in the city. Learn the art of self-healing, self-love, and discovering the true self through yogic techniques and philosophy.

Benefit Of A Yoga Retreat

Deep relaxation and peace             A healthier perspective

Spiritual connection                Aid to recovery from illness

Transferable skills

8:30am - Arriving and Breakfast
9:15am – Lets get to know each other/Explore Inner Creativity
9:45am – Pranayama
10:30am – Sukshavyayam For Energy Release
11:00am - Havan For Aura Purification
11:30am – Silent Walk (Chakraman Chal) at Near Park
12:00pm – Guided Vipassana Meditation
1:00pm – Prep For Lunch and Silent Lunch
2:00pm – Intuitive Activity
2:30pm – Sound Therapy – Healing Through The Sound
3:30pm – Satsang and Q & A
4:30pm – Yoga Nidra for Deep Karmic Healing
5:00pm – Time To Explore The World With Clarity

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