Vaibhav Parashar (Vaibs)

Growing up in a yogic and spiritual family, I was always inclined towards realising the highest potential of mind and humanity. Spirituality always attracted me and since childhood, I wanted to fullfill my potential to be the best version for myself and the world. While these were my wishes, I had no direction and my mind was always wandering, until one time I fell sick and was bedridden for 2 years. My body was giving up and the doctors has informed me that I will be living the rest of my life in the same condition. That’s when yoga came to my rescue.As I could not physically move, all I could do was meditate as much as possible, which, sometimes went for the entire day. My sickness became my blessing.The more I meditated, the more I thought about my life and looked into myself. Life started to make sense and I felt like I befriended myself.
With the help of regular meditation,I started to become healthy again and from 35 tablets a day, I came to living a normal healthy life. The journey that started with falling apart physically and mentally, helped me reach my higher (perhaps, truer) self and experience the presence of the supreme being within me. Since then, I have been motivated to continue my family’s tradition of spreading yoga and helping people discover their true self. The aim of my teachings is to help individuals connect to their innerl self (atman) , discover their uniqueness and experience their connection with the supreme being, the Brahman.